It was rainy all today.  Waiting at my bus stop tonight, the air was filled with a hanging drizzle – like small raindrops that had forgotten their way to the ground halfway there.  There was a large puddle where the road dipped, and when cars would drive through they would send walls of water out on either side.  The puddle-water would also splash up to form large drops on the car, on its undercarriage and its sides.  The water coming off the cars would evaporate, forming a thicker mist in the already saturated cold air.  This thicker mist would cling to the cars and train behind them when they drove, until the cars stopped at a red light, when mist would exude from the car uniformly, surrounding each car and creating tendrils in the headlights, giving the impression of headlights that clouded the world rather than illuminating it.  Eventually no more water all the droplets would run off a car or have turned into dissipating mist, and each car would be free of its cloud.


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