Only in dreams

I normally don’t have dreams (or don’t remember them upon waking), but this past week or so was different.  I had a number of dreams – bad and good – that stayed with me upon waking.  Somewhat reformatted for clarity of reading, here they are.

Almost a nightmare, this one.  I was with my mother and her partner in a parking garage, pushing a grocery cart.  We were heading to the car.  The garage itself was more twisted and confusing than normal – involving odd cul-de-sacs and an undulating, curving interior.  My mother hassled me about how to push the shopping cart, so I let it go.  It disappeared down and to the right, curving around a bend.  My mother’s partner ran after it.  My mother and I got onto the elevator to take us to a lower level, where the car was.  As we got on a young couple joined us, now part of the group.  I wondered where their baby was, but they were unconcerned because my mother’s partner was taking care of the child.  We four arrived at the spot where the car was supposed to be, but it was gone.  My mother was angry that her partner drove off somewhere else.  I thought it more likely that we were just in the wrong spot, not where the car was at all.  But I was concerned: what if my mother’s partner had abducted the baby?

My most pleasant, and the one with the best inherent story structure.  There was a human woman (already royalty) being courted by a fairy prince.  He was lithe and young, taking her to underground tunnels and showing her the majesty of his kingdom and magic.  She consented to marry him.  One night, as she lay her head upon a pillow to sleep, I, the dreamer, saw her counterpart: a fairy who had been courted by a human prince and agreed to marry him.  She too, at this moment, was just laying down to sleep.

Based on a constant fear of mine from the real world.  I ordered pizzas for people at work.  When they arrived, the pizzas were only six inches across, and my colleagues went hungry.

Another almost-nightmare (why it felt so bad, I don’t really know).  I was playing a card game that I didn’t really know the rules to with a guy I didn’t really know.  Friend of friend or something.  The game was played with Magic cards, and the point was to get rid of all your cards.  Somehow lands and casting costs let you play cards out of your hand, and the abilities of the cards did something (but not their original intended purpose).  I mis-played on my turn, and had to draw 100 cards up from 10.  Now there was no way I could win, plus my turns would take forever since I didn’t know what any of the cards did. Essentially, the opposite of fun.  The guy I was playing with just laughed at me, meanly.


2 Responses to “Only in dreams”

  1. wmdot Says:

    Your last dream sounds like playing cards with someone (a cousin or brother?) a couple of years older than you when you’re in middle school. It would be a horrible mark of shame for them to lose to you, but they know that you idolize them and will believe whatever you tell them about the rules. So they just make up the rules that make sure they win.

  2. Nate Says:

    I’m supposed to be making tacos and guacamole for everyone tonight, and last night I had a nightmare about buying avocados. I was at the store, and there were only a few avocados left. They were all mushy, and most of them had been sliced in half, and were totally unfit for consumption. I eventually found and bought a pair of shoes that had ripe avocado soles. (green, sliced open, not black skin.) I was dissatisfied with this purchase, especially since I was only able to scrape out a small amount of ripe avocado flesh from the shoes. I was also panicking a little, because I take my guacamole reputation pretty seriously (in real life and in the dream).

    The most unusual part of the dream was how tactile it was. I could very clearly sense the different textures of the avocados I was considering. This morning I woke up and went to the store first thing. There were plenty of ripe avocados there.

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