Hollywood Hills and New England Fog

To those not from Los Angeles, Hollywood movies can seem to take place in an otherworld, unknown geography.  The most striking example of this isn’t the presence of palm trees, but the hilltop vista overlooking a city of twinkling lights.  Such a view does not exist for many people in the country (especially those in the less densely populated and flatter Midwest).  Hollywood movies end up having an air of unreality about them – as if they can’t ever fully relate to the everyday world of the viewer.

I wonder if there’s a similar effect for denizens of desert climates and video games.  The nigh ubiquitous fog that limits players’ view of the world makes sense to me, as a New Englander.  Fog that clouds the edges of the world is frequent, and heavier fog is not unheard of.  But, for someone who hasn’t experienced such severe haze, I wonder if video games have an extra sense of unearthliness that I don’t sense.


One Response to “Hollywood Hills and New England Fog”

  1. Nate Says:

    Yeah, I mean, I always find video game fog irritating, but that might be because I read a couple of graphics books that showed me how to generate it, or more specifically, how to use it to cover up poor graphical performance and small world size. Familiarity breeds contempt?

    But also, I don’t often encounter fog in nature, so it’s probably some of both.

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