A Play

A friend of mine had a birthday party recently.  He encouraged people to bring one-act plays, which would then be performed (script-in hand, not memorized) in front of the group.  I wanted to write something myself, and wanted something that wasn’t quite a standard play.  The best way, I thought, was to add some improvization elements.  So I came up with what is essentially a MadLibs-style play.  After taking audience suggestions for the blank words, a trio of actors performed the play without any prior rehersal.

The performance ended up being funnier than I could have imagined.

I’ve uploaded the Word Document of the play below:

A Very [adjective] Play

Edit: trying a new link to the play:

A Very [adjective] Play


5 Responses to “A Play”

  1. Adam Says:

    The link to your play doesn’t work. 😦

  2. Sarah Says:

    I like your play! I imagine it would be very funny to perform/watch.

    Also, I have never heard of a one-act-play birthday party…

  3. wmdot Says:

    Filling in the blanks in honor of today…

    Davy Jones’ Locker
    Bilge Rat
    Sea Legs
    Booty (?)
    Rope’s End (?)

    All words found at http://homepage.mac.com/crabola/PirateGlossary/Menu22.html
    Sorry about the couple that don’t fit well.

  4. oneirichaberdasher Says:

    Well played with the pirate jargon!

    It hadn’t occured to me that filling-in-the-blanks allows for ad-hoc adherence to theme. Well done indeed.

  5. wmdot Says:

    The whole ‘bring a one-act play to my birthday party’ thing seems so bourgeois (not that i don’t love the idea, and your play). It really seems like something out of some Tolstoy novel. It needed some pirates.

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