People have different reactions and relationships to the shows they watch or games they play.  For me, my reaction in seeing this particular Perplex City puzzle card was that the six words in all caps and underlined would be good as sestina keywords.  So here it is: my ARG-inspired poem.

On forest edges prowls the wolf.

Never seen by city, town, or human

Its burning yellow eyes await the night.

It yearns to feed before the end of day

The clenching jaws and toothy kiss

Cut short the prey’s sad throaty curse 


In silence broken not by praise or curse

Step lightly padded feet of wolf.

Through brush its fur a whispered kiss

It sniffs on wind the smell of human,

As known and strange as dawning day.

The beast retreats with coming night.


The screech of owl cuts through the night,

Throwing out a wordless curse

Against the bright, restrictive day

And wooded ground of solitary wolf.

Gliding over hearth and home of human

The owl’s face puckered like a kiss.


The breeze and feathers share a kiss

As the owl swift seeks the night

Its staring eyes are almost human.

Seeking answers to the curse

Until the dawn brings howl of wolf

When it returns to sleep through day.


The couple hopes for far-off day

Without the threat of forsworn kiss

They need not hear the growl of wolf

Nor hoots of owl which fill the night.

Thus both await the end of curse

When again they will be human.


In other shape, they ache with heart of human

And yearn for dawn of new bright day

One free of taint or curse

When again their lips may kiss.

When dreams are all that wake and search the night

And  never more will see the form of wolf


Forsaking jealous kiss, they both endure the curse

Becoming owl and wolf, together never human

Until that far-off day containing night.


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