Rage modifiers

There’s regular rage (or hate, or passion, or a variety of other emotions and states).  And you can have pure, unbridled rage.  Can you have impure, unbridled rage?  What about pure, bridled rage? I’m pretty sure you could have pure rage and unbridled rage alone.  Maybe?


One Response to “Rage modifiers”

  1. Nate Says:

    Yes. You could definitely have, say, a being of pure rage, or a man striking out with unbridled rage.

    An avatar of pure, bridled rage would be someone like the Count of Monte Cristo, who relentlessly plots revenge, although I hate the bridled as applied to anything other than a horse, and unpure unbridled just has too many un-s to be a real descriptor of anything short of a unicorn, although the unpure wouldn’t really stick there, and neither would any applicable rage. Maybe a unicorn that had just been violated would be a good example of unpure unbridled rage. Ewwww.

    But as for other modifiers, I’m a big fan of seething, simmering, and bottled. Yum. Boiling you could get away with too, but probably not deep-fried. Unless it was passion. Mmmmm….

    In conclusion, congratulations on your new job. 🙂

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