EB Games Calling ….

Got an odd prerecorded phone call last night.  Here’s what I remember:

“This is EB Games with a special offer for you.  Our records show that you preordered The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  If you have finished the game, EB Games will buy it back for the special price of $35.  This offer ends soon.  Sorry for interrupting your day.”

Huh.  It’s true that I did preorder and buy Twilight Princess from EB, and that I’ve finished the game.  And $35 is a relatively good price for buyback.  And I appreciate the apology.  But really, I don’t want EB calling me.  I know that their entire business model (or at least their profit model) is founded on reselling used games, but I just really don’t want this sort of solicitation.

Also makes me wonder: am I abnormal for not selling my games back?  Generally, if I buy a game, I want to keep it.  But clearly there’s a large enough segment of folks who sell back their old games — even games they’ve preordered for their new, next-gen system — for EB to still turn a profit. 


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