Theory of Attraction

Not a literary theory here, but one about human behavior.  This means that this theory is much more likely to be malarkey, but whatever.  Maybe it’s actually a hypothesis?

Take as a given that males find women extra attractive when the woman is doing something.  (I know this is at least true for me.)  This can be professional in nature (writing computer code, arguing a case in front of a judge, shushing people in a library) or recreational (walking a dog, playing video games, dancing).  I posit that the reason males find a woman engaged in some activity attractive is two-and-half-fold.

Fold one: a woman who is demonstrably interested in something is more interesting, having depth of character.  Despite some popular depictions, the males I know want more from their romantic interests than a pretty face or generally callipygian physique.  Women having an interest in something other than maintaining their looks shows she has some brain in her head.

Fold one-half: the interest the woman demonstrates may coincide with that of the male, giving a point of commonality.  (‘Hey, you like motorcycles?  So do I!’  or even ‘Hey, you serve me coffee?  I like coffee!’)

Fold two: a woman engaged in some activity has a greater ability to fully demonstrate her giving in to passion.  Yes, a male will find it hot for a woman to be engaged in sexual congress with him.  However, it is much hotter is it when she throws aside her previous activity to engage in said congress because the male is just that sexy.  For males, the small glimmer of hope that the attractive woman will sweep the table clean of dishes, or the desk clean of papers, and immediate jump his bones is quite captivating: it shows that she truly wants him.  And that demonstration is impossible without the woman already doing something else.

Hey, I just realized I posted this on Valentine’s Day.  I’m topical!  Neat!


3 Responses to “Theory of Attraction”

  1. wedge Says:

    if each fold is an equal percent, then you’re implying that 40% of the attraction is sex. That’s not so bad.

    what about things that men do that make a woman more attracted to him? IE walking/holding puppies/babies, being sporty, etc.

  2. Nate Austin Says:

    I’m forced to agree with you, and I would like to expand upon fold one:

    doing something implies self-confidence and drive.
    self-confidence and drive imply health, of mind or body.
    guys want to make babies, and healthy girls are where it’s at.

  3. oneirichaberdasher Says:

    Huh. Wedge, I actually hadn’t thought about to what percentage these are true. That’s interesting. I’m not really sure if this is a complete theory, anyway. It certainly doesn’t take into account kinks. But you are certainly certainly correct that it’s pretty positive that maybe less than 50% of random attraction is pure sex.

    I have to think about the man-attractive-to-woman thing. I’m unwilling to accept the explanation that it’s only a demonstration of an ability to be a long-term caregiver. Of course, you may be in a better position to address this than I.

    Nate: that actually sounds like the start of more general and expanded theory. Maybe one that can begin to bring together answers that Wedge has raised ….

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