Winter Sunset

I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to how quickly darkness falls in the winter.  Summertime (and even spring and autumn) allow for a gradual adjustment of the light — a period in which one can still function just fine, but it’s more convenient to turn on the house lights.  Winter, in this way — and in a lot of ways — is less forgiving. 

The world is light, then quick twilight.  Before I’ve had time to register the transmutation of all colors to rich blue, even that blue seeps out of the world … and I’m left in darkness.

One benefit of modern society is that even the winter darkness is not complete.  If I am outside, then I’m left with the overflow light from houses or offices.  If I’m on the street, there are (usually too-far-apart) streetlamps to lend me some yellow-tinged sight, and if I’m at home I usually have the faint glow of a computer monitor or a television.  Those last ones are also blue (though not like the twilight), and only show me their immediate areas.

At some point I realize I need more light than that those LCD-generated photons (the type whose personality is to highlight the surrounding shadows rather than make the world clearer) and I turn on a light.  But the act of choosing full artificial light over natural — so binary and definite — always comes much too soon in winter.   I’ll never get used to that.


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